Wind TurbinesS. W. Cole provides services to the energy markets throughout New England. Our clients include utilities and their design and construction teams. Projects include substations, oil and natural gas pipelines, transmission lines (overhead, buried and submarine), wind turbines, tidal (hydrokinetic) power, hydropower, and related projects. We also provide geothermal well services for commercial, educational and institutional facilities.

Our services for energy projects include some of the following:

Geotechnical Services

•  Exploration coordination and documentation
•  Laboratory, soil and rock testing
•  Slope stability
•  Site specific seismic event mapping and evaluation
•  Geotechnical recommendations for O & M buildings, switchyards and substations
•  On-site septic design for O & M buildings
•  Site soil resistivity testing
•  Site seismic refraction testing (S-wave / P-wave determination)
•  Transmission line explorations and LPILE parameters
•  Soil corrosivity testing
•  Recommendations for on-site soil re-use
•  On-site geologic hazard observations / documentation
•  Site feasibility
•  Drilling subcontracting, logistics and project management
•  Log exploration work
•  Transmission support structure investigations
•  Foundation design parameters
•  Soil improvement
•  Crane pad and roadway design
•  Subsurface drainage
•  Cross connectivity drainage design

GeoEnvironmental Services

•  Geothermal well assessments
•  Evaluation of rock for potential corrosion
•  Potential acid drainage from construction activities
•  Resistivity and conductivity investigations
•  Third party erosion control inspection and documentation
•  Seismic risk analysis
•  Construction blasting assessments
•  Assessment of borrow pits and quarries
•  Hydrogeology
•  Engineering geology
•  Rock core classification and logs
•  Water resource evaluation, sampling and testing
•  Dredge spoils permitting
•  Environmental compliance monitoring

Construction Quality Control Services

•  Laboratory and field testing and sampling of soil, concrete, grout and aggregates
•  Reinforcing steel documentation
•  Rock anchor borehole, anchor installation, grouting and tensioning documentation
•  Blast monitoring with seismographs
•  Subgrade preparation observations
•  Soil compaction testing
•  Anchor bolt tension testing