Natural Resources & Conservation

Clients of S. W. Cole in the natural resources and conservation sector include timberland companies and managers, conservation groups Brookand forestry and real estate consultants. We provide a unique suite of services with our capabilities.

Ecological services we provide include vernal pool assessments, wetland delineation, deer wintering area identification, inland wading bird habitat identification, invasive species identification and mapping, identification of ecologically sensitive species of flora and fauna and related services. We have also worked with conservation groups to provide baseline conservation easement documentation services for their purchase of conservation lands.

S. W. Cole soil scientists have provided our specialized ASIST method to locate optimal soils for specific tree species in planning for maximum production using sustainable methods.

Our team of scientists have completed Phase I environmental site assessments of many large tracks of timberland, from contiguous parcels to many fragmented parcels ranging in size up to 1.5 million acres. Our team has experience providing these services through out New England, Quebec, as well as other states. We have provided these services for timberlands acquisitions or easements for individuals, timber management companies, investment funds and conservation organizations.

S. W. Cole geologists provide consulting for gravel and rock quarry resources and our soil scientists provide Natural Resources Conservation Service level soil mapping.

Our services include some of the following:

Environmental & Ecological Services

•  Environmental compliance documentation
•  Soil, wetlands and vernal pool mapping
•  Wetlands permitting, identification and delineation
•  Vernal pool assessments
•  Functional assessment and mitigation
•  Soil surveys
•  Site selection / soil suitability evaluations
•  Dredge spoils permitting
•  Rare, threatened and endangered species consulting
•  Site evaluation for subsurface wastewater disposal system design
•  Biological assessments
•  Deer wintering yard identification
•  Monitoring of environmental compliance
•  Invasive species surveys
•  Conservation easement documentation services