Construction Materials Testing

Testing ConcreteS.W.COLE provides cost effective laboratory and field testing services to measure the conformance of the materials and construction of your project to the project specifications. We provide independent construction materials testing, both in the field and at our seven regional laboratory facilities. Most of the tests are completed in-house, saving time and money for our clients. With the speed of today’s projects, we make every effort to keep the project running smoothly and efficiently with our electronic report transmittals and our completely unique laboratory database management system. Our Augusta, Bangor and Gray offices offer specialized testing capabilities as well. For example, we conduct asphalt and pavement testing in Bangor, hydraulic conductivity testing in Bangor, alkali silica reaction testing at our Gray office and LA wear testing in our Augusta office. We annually perform over 30,000 field and laboratory test procedures, including approximately 3,300 laboratory soil sieve analyses and 1,200 laboratory soil moisture density tests, and cast and test 18,000 concrete compressive strength specimens.

Two of our laboratories have been accredited by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL). Our Bangor laboratory has been accredited in Portland cement concrete, aggregates, soil and quality systems since 2002, and in hot mix asphalt since 2009, while our Somersworth office has been Portland cement concrete, aggregate and quality systems accredited since 2012.

Our technicians have earned certifications from the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the NorthEast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP).

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S.W.COLE is also experienced in performing Special Inspections. Required by Chapter 17 of the 2006 International Building Code, this important service consists of a series of tests and inspections to determine that a project’s approved plans and specifications are being followed and are in compliance with local building codes and ordinances. Most of our technicians have earned certification by the International Building Code in Special Inspections, including specialties for soils, spray applied fire proofing, masonry and steel inspections. Inspections of soil and foundation construction, concrete construction, masonry and steel construction are some of the special inspection services that S.W.COLE provides.