Natural Resources and Ecological Consulting

Winter HarborOur natural resources and ecological consultants assess the resources on project sites and work to find permitting solutions to accommodate our clients' project objectives. We identify, document and map natural resources to provide you with the type, location and extent; explain how the identified natural resources affect your project; and provide planning guidance, permitting opinions and resource agency consultation. Our clients range from private sector and non-governmental organizations to academic, municipal, state and federal entities. Our natural resource inventory and mapping services include freshwater and coastal wetland; estuarine and marine habitats; rivers, streams and brooks; significant wildlife habitat (deer wintering yards, vernal pools, inland/tidal waterfowl and wading bird); and rare, threatened and endangered habitats and species. Determining the location, extent and type of natural resources at the start of a project helps to avoid costly redesigns, project delays and unavoidable setbacks.

Our scientists perform vernal pool assessments to help our clients navigate the myriad of local, state and federal wetland regulations. Compensating for wetland impacts is crucial to development in many areas, and we have a solid record of successfully designing mitigation plans that are a prerequisite for permitting. For marine resource projects, we assist clients with the permitting of projects that include dredging, construction of piers and shoreline stabilization. Our services include biological surveying, inventorying and monitoring, and resource inventory mapping for comprehensive planning, conservation, restoration, habitat creation and mitigation.

Walking in the woodsOur soil scientists examine the soil and vegetation characteristics of sites, assessing suitability for planned usage as well as seeking ways to enrich the land for agricultural use. We provide services pertaining to wetlands identification and delineation, functional assessment and mitigation, soil surveys and mapping, site selection and soil suitability evaluations, environmental permitting, dredge spoils permitting, site evaluation, topsoil testing and specifications, biological assessments, deer wintering area identification and marine resource assessments.