Geotechnical Engineering

Drilling in Gorham, NH

Geotechnical engineering is a necessary service on most construction projects, and it can be especially important in a complex geologic area like New England. Geotechnical engineering can provide a client with cost-effective foundations when faced with challenging site conditions. It can help provide a client with a better understanding of the site and reduce the likelihood of unanticipated conditions and the potential for delays that may result.

S.W.COLE engineers work regularly with our multi-disciplinary construction materials testing services division and gain practical experience from our regular presence on construction sites with testing staff. Additionally, we bring over 35 years of experience and the pre-existing site knowledge we have accumulated throughout our service area. We understand the effects of variable ground conditions and the challenges of constructing year-round in a northern climate. This experience directly benefits our clients and their projects.

EMW-Gloucester-Hampton-InnOur experience includes most any type of construction project that has been constructed in northern New England - from buildings of all sizes, shapes and uses to roadways, water and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, military facilities, wind turbines, dams, bridges and transmission towers - even a casino! Our professionals can provide the geotechnical engineering analysis and recommendations necessary for any type of construction project. We offer services to address site feasibility, bearing capacity, slope stability, soil improvement, pavement structures and subsurface drainage. We are also very experienced with a variety of foundation alternatives such as spread footings, secant walls and pile, mat and insulated foundations.