S.W.COLE has expanded our capabilities to better serve our clients. We offer Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) testing services to our clients for aggregate used in ready mix concrete or precast concrete containing Portland cement. Our AASHTO accredited labs in Gray, Maine and in Somersworth, New Hampshire are available to provide submittal testing for transportation, infrastructure and concrete pavement projects.

What Is ASR Testing and Why Does Your Project Need It?

Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) is a chemical reaction that occurs in concrete. Alkalis in the cement may react with certain aggregates, causing a microscopic film of gel around aggregate particles. As this gel expands, it causes distress cracking and may result in premature failure of the concrete. ASR can greatly reduce the life expectancy of a structure. Concrete structures such as exterior slabs and pavements, bridges, tanks, dams and retaining walls that are exposed to water, salt water and de-icing agents are susceptible to damage from ASR. Fine and coarse aggregate can be tested for the potential of ASR.

Three things are required for ASR to occur:
1) The presence of Alkalis,
2) Silica, and
3) Sufficient Moisture.

ASR testing can take either 16 or 30 days to complete once the sample is cast, depending on the specification and agency requirements. This does not include sample preparation and reporting time.

We test for ASR using test methods from ASTM (ASTM C1260 and ASTM C1567).

Our Gray and Somersworth Laboratories are available to test your samples today. Call your local office to schedule your next service!

Gray, ME Office | 207-657-2866
Somersworth, NH Office | 603-692-0088

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